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octoScope Introduces 4x4 MIMO Pal-2 Partner Device for Over-the-Air Testing of Wireless Links Exceeding 1 Gbps, Setting Industry Standard for Throughput

2016-12-06: Unique 100 Gigabit Ethernet test module from Xena delivers provides exceptional flexibility and value. “octoScope introduces Pal-2 device to test the latest wave 2 Wi-Fi products. Pal-2 functions as a client or access point (AP) partner device for tests such as throughput, forwarding rate, roaming, mesh/IoT, band steering and other tests. It can also emulate up to 32 virtual clients to test a router’s capacity and forwarding rate.” Read more …

CTIA approves large form factor devices OTA Test Plan only with Reverberation Chambers, including EMITE F200 large RC

2016-09-12: EMITE is pleased to announce that the reverberation chamber test methodology is the only methodology approved by CTIA to test large form factor wireless devices OTA performance. Any device larger than a notebook (any one dimension larger than 42 cm) is  classified as a large form factor devices by CTIA, which includes all the W-IoT  devices and any wireless device embedded in large notebooks, fridges, trash compactors, etc. The CTIA-approved Large Form Factor Test Plan can be used for the GSM, GPRS, EGPRS, WCDMA, CDMA 1xRTT, CDMA 1xEVDO and LTE  cellular standards. The selection of the RC test method is due to the capabilities of RCs to test large devices within their test zone, something impossible to be  done today with existing anechoic chamber methods. Read more ...

Candela releases LANforge FIRE & ICE: 5.3.4 to Support 802.11AC 4x4 wave-2

2016-07-22: Release 5.3.4 includes improved WiFi performance and stability. Additional WiFi features to better test WiFi clients. 802.11AC 4x4 wave-2 support is now officially included. Bug fixes include LANforge-ICE WAN emulator fixes, GUI memory leak fixes. See the Release Note for details.

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