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Xena announces GA of unique “triple-media” tri-speed (100/40/10G) GiG-E test module

2015-10-06: Unique 100 Gigabit Ethernet test module from Xena delivers provides exceptional flexibility and value. “Xena’s new 100G test module is exceptionally popular and already being used by NEMs in both small-scale and Terabit installations.” Read more …

Candela releases LANforge FIRE & ICE: 5.3.2 to improve 'AUTO' configuration options for Layer-3 traffic and Wifi-Capacity plugin

Release 5.3.2 includes improved 'AUTO' configuration options for Layer-3 traffic and Wifi-Capacity plugin. Some initial HotSpot 2.0-R2 support. Improved 802.11 AC stability and features. Do better job of cleaning up stuck NFS mounts. Support 4.0.4 kernel and Fedora-21 to support the latest hardware and OS features.    See the Release Notes for more details.

EMITE releases the firtst F Series MIMO Analyzer -- F200

September 7th, 2015, EMITE releases the F Series MIMO Analyzer, with its first model F200, and outstanding large Reverberation Chamber for M2M, IoT and wearable device MIMO OTA testing capable of testing devices as large as 2m and from 200 MHz up to 6 GHz. Click here to learn the product details.

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