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Front-end Developer  

There is an exciting opportunity as full-time software engineer with the desire, commitment and work ethic to develop and maintain our web-based applications. You'll play a key role in building and shaping our platform on front-end for varieties of features to ensure the quality and time to market for each release.

If you are energetic, goal-oriented, creative, and experienced in software development, you may be eligible to become a member of our team.

Job Description

  • Build and maintain our current and under-development web-based application
  • Work with other designers to develop front-end features on our current platform through entire R&D cycle from design to implementation and official release
  • Work with BA team and/or marketing team to design prototype mockup of our products and show ideas
  • Use different UI/UX framework and components to design and implement innovational user GUI and provide exceptional user experience

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Minimum 4-year JavaScript (Typescript Preferred), knowledge / working knowledge and web-based UI development
  • 3-year experience with Angular 8+ with hands on skills for writing routes, components, modules, directives etc. ReactJS and Vue.js
  • 3-year deep expertise in HTML, CSS, SCSS/SASS/LESS to design responsive web page to meet different screen size requirement
  • Experience with Single Page Applications, node.js, webpack and some necessary skills for web-based applications
  • Strong working experience in Bootstrap and any of Ant Design, Material, Prime NG and other popular frameworks
  • Solid knowledge of HTTP protocol, RESTFUL API, Web Socket, Web Worker
  • UI/UX sense is a big asset

Company Description
ACENTURY Inc. is a solution provider specializing in the North American telecommunications industry. Together with our global leading partners, Acentury is providing the products and professional services to help customers build, test, and optimize wireline and wireless networks, improve the quality of service and user experience, and enhance network coverage and security.

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