Lab & Test Management

Quintech has been "The Source for Reliable RF (Radio Frequency) Signal Management Solutions" serving the cable, satellite and broadcast industries. Quintech products are vital and necessary for RF signal management, optimizing the automation of today's advanced telecommunication network infrastructures. Quintech designs and manufactures state-of-the-art proprietary hardware solutions (DC to 40 GHz) to facilitate RF signal management for satellite, cable, broadcast, wireless and military telecommunications networks. Quintech's product line includes rack mount RF switch or attenuation matrix, routers, splitters, combiners, frequency converters, relay switches, redundancy switches, line amplifiers and DC powering products for broadband, L-band and (IF) Intermediate Frequency applications.

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Qosmotec test automation system LTS is a call generator controlling real UEs for circuit switched and packet switched call generation. It is compatible with all commercial handsets, datasticks, and industrial terminals supporting AT commands, as well as with smartphones operating on Android. Besides, the call control functionality LTS integrates with various test equipment and utilities for wireless network performance and quality assessment and therefore provides a comprehensive platform for wireless network test automation, which is usually employed for load, stability, and regression tests. Together with handover test system QPER, Qosmotec also automates the mobility tests in the test lab.

  • Unattended, parallel, fully automated 24/7 test runs
  • Test HSPA+ and LTE Networks
  • Integration of mobility simulation and automated SIM swapping

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Ramsey provides portable benchtop RF Shielded Test Enclosure, to ensure testing activity in a controllable RF isolated environment. With thousands placed in service worldwide the patented STE technology became the standard for efficient and cost effective RF isolation testing. That legacy has continued with a wide variety of STE's to suit every RF test application and the size requirements you have today. Our exclusive double lip gasket technology assures an RF tight seal each and every time. Steady-hold hinges maintain the opening at any location and prevent gasket compression due to prolonged closure pressure when not in use. Our STE2800 and STE3800 STE's feature our RTF Radiating Test Fixture with a built-in broadband antenna to properly test wireless communications devices with guaranteed repeatability.