Our main solution portfolios are covered by the following three major areas:

Our communication testing business provides specialist laboratory or field based solutions, targeted for performance testing, drive and site survey testing, benchmarking and lab management.  Through either manual or automated testing, we help our customer understand the true behavior and performance of their networks or devices, improve quality, coverage and reliability, identify the weak and blind spots, enhance security and efficiency.  Our communication testing solutions cover traditional and cutting edge technologies including: CDMA, UMTS, HSPA, LTE, Wi-Fi, MIMO, GPON, ADSL, VDSL, DOCSIS and their industry certification testing.

Acentury provides network connectivity products and accessories for wireline and wireless networks.

The Radiocomm product line is for in building DAS applications including RF components and cable assemblies such as filter, splitter, combiner, diplexer, duplexer, 3-plexer, 5-plexer, attenuator, termination load as well as a suite of testing and jumper cables.  Our core competencies are performance on PIM specifications, reliability, fast delivery and customization availability.

Acentury also provides carrier grade media convertors, SFPs and other fiber network accessories from multiple manufacturers We are a one stop supplier to meet an array of dynamic industrial requirements.

Acentury carries Centec's innovative whitebox switch solution and helps customers evolve the network to next generation SDN/NFV deployment.

The requirement for the network monitoring can originate in any part of the organization.  It could be IT departments inside enterprises or schools needing to know their existing Wi-Fi network coverage and performance in their offices or campus. Or operator engineering teams needing to make sure their radio equipment’s electromagnetic radiation level is within government regulated safety ranges.  It could be the operators’ executives wanting an overall health report on the daily performance of their wireless network.

Acentury provides a range of handheld or probe based network monitoring solutions for field and lab applications.