EMITE E500T‐ATT Test System approved for MIMO OTA by leading US carrier

EMITE is proud to announce the acceptance of its E500 Reverberation Chamber within leading US carriers to perform
LTE MIMO OTA Test Plan conformance testing.

"With an unheard‐of level of automation, the E500T‐ATT Test Platform can now provide access to leading US carrier networks by providing fast, accurate, reliable and accepted LTE MIMO Over the Air (OTA) Throughput tests and reports. While Carrier Aggregation (CA) requirements are underway for diverse carrier test plans worldwide using Reverberation Chambers (RCs), the E500 Reverberation Chamber from EMITE, combined to the FS8/F8 Channel Emulator by Anite, is currently the most advanced, fastest, accurate and cost‐effective MIMO OTA Test Tool in the market”, said David Sanchez‐Hernandez, CEO and founder of EMITE.

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