Crossover signs distributor agreement with Acentury to grow Radiocomm division in the US Market

TORONTO – Aug 15th, 2018 – “Radiocomm is leading the charge by offering the industry’s lowest PIM rating and the first wideband components to meet the demands of future 5G networks,” commented Darin Gibbons, Executive Vice President of Crossover. “As we continue to ramp up for the roll out of 5G networks, Radiocomm will become a key player in the 5G ecosystem.” Read more ...


2018 Bell Network Leadership Conference @Sheraton Hall Torontoacentury_logo1

Acentury Inc. will be attending 2018 Bell Network Leadership Conference. Date: February 13th-15th, Location: Booth #317 @Sheraton Hall Toronto


Accuver Unveils Automated, Cloud-Based Drive Test System for LTE Network RolloutPartner_Accuver

2017-04-26: Accuver, the world’s leading provider of wireless test and measurement solutions, today announced that is has added a cloud-based drive testing management system called XRO to its series of drive test tools. XRO is designed specifically to automate the testing and analysis tasks during an LTE network rollout. XRO was developed based on the company’s experience in helping a major wireless carrier in India launch an LTE network with thousands of cell sites quickly using hundreds of inexperienced personnel. Read more …


XenaAppMix Earns Prestigious Lightwave Innovation AwardPartner_XENA

2017-03-12: Xena Networks, the global leader in Gigabit Ethernet Test Equipment Price Performance, has earned a Lightwave Innovation Award for its ground-breaking XenaAppMix (XAM), a key feature of XenaConnnect, the software used for Xena’s Layer 4-7 test platform. XenaAppMix (XAM) received a final score of 4 which indicates a “superb product that sets new standard for performance and provides groundbreaking and new technical milestones” according to Lightwave. Read more …


EMITE releases the PT Series Small Reverberation ChamberPartner_EMITE

2017-02-07: EMITE releases the PT Series Small 8-antenna Reverberation Chamber, a one-of-its-own small-footprint chamber capable of simultaneously testing 4 DUTs and ideally suited for WLAN (2.4 and 5 GHz), Bluetooth, IoT and Production Testing (non-signaling). Read more...


 Candela releases LANforge FIRE & ICE: 5.3.5 to Support New MU-MIMO WiFi NICsPartner_Candela

2017-01-06: Release 5.3.5 includes support for new MU-MIMO WiFi NICs, stability and feature improvements for the RF noiss generator, and RF Sniffer configuration improvements. The rate-control logic for the 3x3 AC NICs has been improved for better throughput, especially upload direction with lots of virtual stations. The VOIP call generator can now connect to SIP gateways with more strict checks. See the Release Note for details.


octoScope Introduces 4x4 MIMO Pal-2 Partner Device for Over-the-Air Testing of Wireless Links Exceeding 1 Gbps, Setting Industry Standard for ThroughputoctoScope

2016-12-06: octoScope introduces Pal-2 device to test the latest wave 2 Wi-Fi products. Pal-2 functions as a client or access point (AP) partner device for tests such as throughput, forwarding rate, roaming, mesh/IoT, band steering and other tests. It can also emulate up to 32 virtual clients to test a router’s capacity and forwarding rate. Read more...


CTIA approves large form factor devices OTA Test Plan only with Reverberation Chambers, including EMITE F200 large RCPartner_EMITE

2016-09-12: EMITE is pleased to announce that the reverberation chamber test methodology is the only methodology approved by CTIA to test large form factor wireless devices OTA performance. Any device larger than a notebook (any one dimension larger than 42 cm) is  classified as a large form factor devices by CTIA, which includes all the W-IoT  devices and any wireless device embedded in large notebooks, fridges, trash compactors, etc. The CTIA-approved Large Form Factor Test Plan can be used for the GSM, GPRS, EGPRS, WCDMA, CDMA 1xRTT, CDMA 1xEVDO and LTE  cellular standards. The selection of the RC test method is due to the capabilities of RCs to test large devices within their test zone, something impossible to be  done today with existing anechoic chamber methods. Read more...


Candela releases LANforge FIRE & ICE: 5.3.4 to Support 802.11AC 4x4 wave-2Partner_Candela

2016-07-22: Release 5.3.4 includes improved WiFi performance and stability. Additional WiFi features to better test WiFi clients. 802.11AC 4x4 wave-2 support is now officially included. Bug fixes include LANforge-ICE WAN emulator fixes, GUI memory leak fixes. See the Release Notes for more details.


Xena wins 2016 Global High Speed Ethernet Test Equipment Customer Value Leadership Award from Frost & SullivanPartner_XENA

2016-04-26: Xena wins 2016 Global High Speed Ethernet Test Equipment Customer Value Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan. “Xena Networks offers customers the best value for money with high-performance Gigabit Ethernet test solutions that make it easy for NEMs and network service providers to quickly and comprehensively evaluate network performance,” says Olga Yashkova, Program Manager at Frost & Sullivan. Read more …


Accuver supports PEVQ-S streaming video quality measurement on XCAL Partner_Accuver

2016-03-06: Accuver, the World Top Provider of network testing solution, announced it has supported PEVQ-S measuring streaming video quality including Youtube video and Facebook video. The function is implemented in Accuver's wireless network testing tools based on OPTICOM's new streaming video quality testing algorithm. Read more …


Xena announces GA of unique “triple-media” tri-speed (100/40/10G) GiG-E test modulePartner_XENA

2015-10-06: Unique 100 Gigabit Ethernet test module from Xena delivers provides exceptional flexibility and value. “Xena’s new 100G test module is exceptionally popular and already being used by NEMs in both small-scale and Terabit installations.” Read more …


Partner_CandelaCandela releases LANforge FIRE & ICE: 5.3.2 to improve 'AUTO' configuration options for Layer-3 traffic and Wifi-Capacity plugin

Release 5.3.2 includes improved 'AUTO' configuration options for Layer-3 traffic and Wifi-Capacity plugin. Some initial HotSpot 2.0-R2 support. Improved 802.11 AC stability and features. Do better job of cleaning up stuck NFS mounts. Support 4.0.4 kernel and Fedora-21 to support the latest hardware and OS features. See the Release Notes for more details.

Partner_EMITEEMITE releases the firtst F Series MIMO Analyzer -- F200

September 7th, 2015, EMITE releases the F Series MIMO Analyzer, with its first model F200, and outstanding large Reverberation Chamber for M2M, IoT and wearable device MIMO OTA testing capable of testing devices as large as 2m and from 200 MHz up to 6 GHz. Click here to learn the product details.


Partner_PrismaPrisma presents UeSIM solution for 600 Mbps LTE-A 4 Component Carrier Aggregation at MWC

Milan, February 23rd — Prisma Telecom Testing, a leading supplier of load testing solutions, has successfully completed RF tests for LTE FDD four component carrier aggregation (4CC) in the downlink, including 2x2 MIMO. The showcased UeSIM, equipped with two SDRv3 and one eLSU units terminating the traffic, is able to provide a downlink data rate of 600 Mbps – the performance required for tests on 3GPP category 11 (Cat11) devices. Read more...

Partner_CandelaCandela releases LANforge FIRE & ICE: 5.3.1 to improve 802.11ac test and support 802.11h & 802.11w

Candela's LANforge FIRE & ICE Release 5.3.1 includes many wifi related features and improvements. The highlighs are improved 802.11 AC stability, automated capacity testing improvements, 802.11h and 802.11w support. Portal-login is more flexible and easier to use. Added support for g.711a VOIP codec. And much more!    See the Release Notes for more details.


Partner_XENAXena Beta Tests Unique "Triple-Media" Tri-Speed (100/40/10G) Gigabit Ethernet Test Module

2014-10-30: New 100 Gigabit Ethernet test module from Xena provides exceptional flexibility and value. The unique M1CFP4QSFP28CXP test module supports three transceiver form-factors: CFP4 (CAUI-4), QSFP28 (CAUI-4), and CXP (CAUI) and users can choose any one of these form factors to be active at any time. When the CXP form-factor is selected, the user can – in addition to a single 100G test port – also use the test module to provide two 40G test ports or eight 10G test ports. Read more...

Partner_InterfacemastersInterface Masters partners with Acentury Inc. to promote network TAB and DPI solutions

Acentury Inc. establishes partnership with Interface Master who is a leading vendor in the network monitoring and high speed networking market. Based in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Interface Masters' expertise lies in Gigabit, 10 Gigabit and 40 Gigabit Ethernet network access and network connectivity solutions that integrate with monitoring systems, inline networking appliances, IPS, UTM, Load Balancing, WAN acceleration, and other mission-critical IT and security appliances.

Flagship product lines include PacketMastersspecialized server adapter cards, Bypass NICs, Smart NICs, Managed Switches, Intelligent Network TAP and Intelligent Active Bypass and Failover systems that increase network visibility capabilities, network reliability and inline appliance availability.

Partner_QosmotecQosmotec Develops Virtual Drive Tests for Car-to-Car Communication

Together with RWTH Aachen Universtity and Vector Informatik Qosmotec develops a signal strength emulator for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test facilities in the automotive industry. This poses a challenge, because public mobile networks and Car-2-Car technology have different parameters. “In Car-2-Car communication we are dealing with Ad-hoc networks”, explains Qosmotec’s Managing Director Mark Hakim. “This means there is no distinction between fixed base stations and mobile subscribers. All devices communicate directly with each other while they are moving. They also assume different roles, e.g., message broadcaster, router or mobile receiver.” For this ad-hoc network emulation, a new hardware setup had to be developed with configurable radio links between all network participants. Currently Qosmotec works on traffic and channel models that simulate driver behavior and resulting radio propagation impacts on the communication channel. Click here for details.

Partner_EMITEEMITE E500T‐ATT Test System approved for MIMO OTA by leading US carrier

EMITE is proud to announce the acceptance of its E500 Reverberation Chamber within leading US carriers to perform
LTE MIMO OTA Test Plan conformance testing.

"With an unheard‐of level of automation, the E500T‐ATT Test Platform can now provide access to leading US carrier networks by providing fast, accurate, reliable and accepted LTE MIMO Over the Air (OTA) Throughput tests and reports. While Carrier Aggregation (CA) requirements are underway for diverse carrier test plans worldwide using Reverberation Chambers (RCs), the E500 Reverberation Chamber from EMITE, combined to the FS8/F8 Channel Emulator by Anite, is currently the most advanced, fastest, accurate and cost‐effective MIMO OTA Test Tool in the market”, said David Sanchez‐Hernandez, CEO and founder of EMITE.

Click here for more details.

Partner_RadiocommAcentury Extends RADIOCOMM Low PIM Product Line

Acentury Inc. is pleased to announce it has extended its RADIOCOMM product line of low PIM RF components. Acentury Inc., founded in 2007, offers a full range of RF/Microwave components, cables, and test and measurement products. Click here for the details.


Acentury partners in LTE Awards 2014 Shortlist

lte_awards_2014Acentury's partners inlcuding PRISMA, Accuver and Polystar are selected as LTE Awards 2014 shortlist by Informa Telecoms and Media. The final awards will be announced on June 24th, 2014. Read more details by clicking here.